What to Expect:

Attending a new church for the first time can be an intimidating experience — especially if you don’t know what to expect. Who am I going to see? What traditions am I going to be surprised by? Will I be asked to do something that makes me uncomfortable? We hope you will find the Person and work of Jesus Christ central in our worship at Calvary Baptist Church.

We invite you to experience what the gospel means at one of our Sunday worship services. Here, you can engage with others and learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus.

If you’d like to be practically prepared for your visit please read below:

Morning Service

Calvary Baptist Church morning service starts at 9:00am and ends around 10:20am. After the service we fellowship over tea and coffee.

Mobility Disability Access

Parking closest to entry ways are enlarged and designated. Our halls have ramps, enlarged doors and appropriate thresholds. Chairs closest to exits are designated and door greeters are available to accommodate special needs.

Guest information

When you arrive head towards the main door and someone will be on hand to greet you and give you some information regarding the Sunday service. We’re not going to call you up to the front or ask you to stand so do not fear.

What about our kids?

Babies and toddlers:

There is a cry room for mothers with babies or toddlers. The room has a glass window into the main hall, a toy box and an ensuite bathroom with a changing station. Many of our mothers sit in the service with their babies or toddlers unless they become niggly.


We run a Sunday school program for toddlers – 12 year olds during the service.

What’s our worship like?

Our service includes Bible reading, praying, giving, preaching, communion and singing. We sing traditional and modern hymns as well as contemporary worship songs. We have guitarists, drums and a team of vocalists.

We’re relaxed. In Winter men wear jeans or chinos with button up shirts or jerseys. In Summer they wear chinos or shorts with button up shirts or t-shirts. Woman wear skirts or dresses, some wear slacks or jeans, all dress modestly. The preacher wears dress pants and a tie.

Our worship is joy-filled, our preaching Gospel-centered. We’re a friendly, comfortable and diverse community.

We’re about 100 people on a Sunday morning. We have seating for 150 people.


While we do believe that each local church is autonomous, we participate in freewill associations. We are a member church of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of Southern Africa (FBCSA).

Our City – Richards Bay

We love God and desire to make Him known in our city. To that end we seek to engage our community with the gospel and be a beacon of biblical teaching.

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